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The Hidalgo series of lamps was born from the idea of depicting the character of Don Quixote. In his madness, this Hidalgo teaches us never to question our goal, even at the cost of going in the opposite and obstinate direction, as art and design must do.

The Hidalgo lamp gives shape to this figure; places the light in the center with an opal glass that tapers like a "spear", while maintaining the same light intensity from the base to the head and the protection of this light is ephemeral, crystalline, so as not to detract from its intensity, wrapping it with matter that leaves no doubts, but only equal, symmetrical and fluid reflections that find color and substance at the highest point; in his "head".


Dettagli tecnici


Diameter: 380 mm; Height: 770 mm; 1 x LED ES-111; Dimmable; 830 - 1150 lm - 3000°K; Bulbs included.


Diameter: 280 mm; Height: 590 mm; 1 x LED E27 PAR30 9,5W; Dimmable; 830 - 760 lm - 3000°K; Bulbs included.


Diameter: 180 mm; Height: 360 mm; 1 x LED GU10 7,2W; Dimmable; 830 - 575 lm - 3000°K; Bulbs included.


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